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Contact BRANDED845 for public relations, branding, social media & digital marketing, graphic design and website solutions for your business, your products, your project and your events.


BRANDED845 is a marketing and public relations agency representing a select roster of clients within the Food & Beverage, Arts & Entertainment, Travel & Leisure, Consumer Goods & Grocery, Health & Wellness, and Agricultural & Agritourism industries. For those who recognize their need for direction in formulating strategies that lead to increased sales and an expanding customer base, BRANDED845 is poised to develop customized marketing and publicity strategies.


845ers become a part of your company, a part of your culture. Our approach is one that compliments the unique vibe and vision of a business in order to create a dedicated marketing program allowing that individuality to shine. We’re here to tell your story through marketing initiatives when you don’t have the expertise or resources. Through a comprehensive digital marketing plan, BRANDED845 generates business and product awareness, prospects and retains customers and works toward gaining a greater market share. As storytellers, we position clients as prominent and affluent members of their local community and their industry.

BRANDED845 streamlines services to fit individual client needs, providing total marketing and public relations solutions where results matter; from individual key projects and events to long-term programs.

As brand ambassadors for your business, BRANDED845 will help to grow your business. We plan, create and implement strategies to improve your business and product awareness, to increase your market share, to retain existing customers, to attract new clients and to position your business as the GO-TO place, product or service in the community and industry.
Are you looking to increase sales and expand your customer base? Call on BRANDED845 to develop customized social media, marketing, and publicity strategies to increase your business and bottom line.

When results matter, (and when don’t they?!)
call on BRANDED845

Three things that make us special

Brand Ambassador

When you contract with BRANDED845, we are part of your company, an extension of your company. As your brand ambassador, we work to make your brand known, loved, and thought of first.

Proven Results

Some marketing companies feel that you have a sky is the limit marketing budget. We know that’s not true. We help keep you on track and on budget. We help watch your bottom line, always!

Local, Local & Local

We’re local. We think local. We shop local. We understand local. We also love working and promoting local. So call on us if local matters to you/your business. Because it really matters to us!


Contact BRANDED845 for marketing, social media & public relations solutions for projects, events and unique promotion ideas for your local business!


18 Howe Street, Warwick, NY 10990