We’re a Creative Agency Focused on Giving Your Brand the Tools it Needs to Grow and Gain Better Position Across All Consumer Channels

Your brand is the foundation of your identity. It can be considered the essence of the soul. To know your brand is to understand the core of your business, from where all of you marketing efforts should be rooted and from where your business should begin to grow.

845ers are Driven by the Desire to Share Great Stories

BRANDED845 works along with you and your team identifying your brand, developing an effective brand strategy and carrying your brand across all public platforms. The 845ers identify key branding elements like who your audience and competitors are, who you are, what your mission is and what is the culture of your workplace. We then develop a strategy to share your story with the media, across social media channels, through advertising and utilizing creative events.

How We Build Your Brand:

  • Research target audience and competitors
  • Implement focus and personality
  • Create slogan, tagline and hashtags
  • Choose the look of your brand (colors and font)
  • Apply branding across all business platforms to include website, social media, packaging, signage, etcetera and evolve it as you grow.

Featured Branding Project

The 845ers inject themselves into the businesses and organizations that they represent in order to adapt to each individual business’s brand. Strong, carefully crafted branding strategies have led BRANDED845 to help businesses throughout Orange County, New York better position themselves across all consumer channels.

In the case of Pennings Farm Market, BRANDED845 identified the need to rebrand the farm business, bringing their mission and vision up to date to reach and engage the growing generations of customers. Careful consideration was given to maintaining the strong fellowship that Pennings Farm had developed over the years.

There’s a vibe that exists on Pennings Farm that makes all who step foot on the soil feel a sense of belonging. It is necessary to convey that feeling with a simple statement that would make newcomers feel welcome before they even arrive on the farm. We considered the Pennings family. Farming is their life and it’s what they do from sunup to sundown. Year round. Each season gives its own twist to farming but there’s a common thread. They’re in this. Their entire family is in this. Their parents farmed. Their children farm. Their extended farm family farms. It’s a lifestyle and a commitment that comes inherently for those who find roots on Pennings Farm. Every moment on this family rich soil that they farm, day in and day out, is what makes the life of farming such a reward. It is the reason they #farmFORLIFE.

The abbreviated slogan is fresh and attention-grabbing while the addition of the hashtag makes it not only useful in terms of digital posts but also enables it to be indexed by social networks and becomes searchable and discoverable for all users through internet searches.

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