To Build Your Brand, You Need and Agency that Understands Social

When used wisely, social media is a powerful business tool that modern marketers use to engage in real-time conversation with customers, prospects, the media and industry influencers. Maintaining a presence on social media allows your customers to connect and interact with your business on a more personal level. Your brand can be further developed through social media and your business is given a voice that speaks directly to an audience.

The 845ers Create Cross-Pollinated Messages through Social Media Platforms that Build Community, Conversation and Relationships

Significant opportunities exist across social channels to interact with current and potential customers, to create a sense of membership and even ownership of a business, and to further build brand loyalty. Our team ensures that your content is seen and shared, your community grows, and that you have a voice among active social media users.

How We Make You Socially Strong:

  • Strategic content creation
  • Brand persona and voice – we develop character and course
  • Social media tracking – we track insights for reach and engagement, hashtags, online mentions, shares and check-ins
  • Relationship building with fans, followers and target audience
  • Targeted outreach through paid ad and boost management

Social Media Stories in the News:

As storytellers, the 845ers capture the unique nuances of a business, introducing how a business and its people stand apart from the competition. Social media platforms are an avenue to reach expected social media fans and followers and can also go beyond these groups to reach an audience who will potentially catapult a message into conventional forms of media. Some of these social media followers hold professional positions in media, be it print, television, radio or digital media.

Formulating strategic content for posting has led BRANDED845 to earn editorial coverage for clients with businesses throughout Orange County, New York.

In the case of the ‘Will You Marry Me Cherry Pie,’ baked exclusively at Warwick, NY bakery Noble Pies, there existed a love story for the ages. The 845ers used multiple social media channels to spread the word of the Noble Pies owners storybook romance that was sparked by a slice of cherry pie.


Catching the eyes of writers, reporters and publishers with regional news outlets led to coverage including interviews aired on two television stations, multiple digital articles published in online magazines that all helped to grow digital reach and engagement and directly led to new customer visits.

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